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The Monts Dore

The Monts Dore in the heart of the Massif CentralThe Monts Dore, the Massif du Sancy: the Puy de Sancy, the Puy Ferrand.The Monts Dore: the Massif Adventif, the Puy de l'AngleThe Monts Dore: The Massif of the Banne d'Ordanche and the Puy GrosThe Monts Dore: the Massif de l'Aiguiller and view of the Puy de Dôme.
The Monts Dore in the heart of the Massif Central

The Monts Dore are a volcanic massif in the center of the Massif Central

Located to the west of the Puy de Dôme department. 3 million years old, the Monts Dore are older than the Chaîne des Puys. The Monts Dore are part of the Regional Natural Park of the Volcanoes of Auvergne.


The Monts Dore Mountain Range

The Monts Dore are made up of the Massif du Sancy, the Massif adventif, the Massif de l'Aiguiller and the Massif de la Banne d'Ordanche.

The region is made up of Spa Towns such as Mont Dore or La Bourboule, Ski Resorts such as Super Besse and many lakes such as Lac Pavin, Lac de Guéry or Lac Chambon for the best known.

The Summits of the Monts Dore

The Summits of Massif du Sancy:

The Puy de Sancy 1885 meters, the Puy Ferrand 1854 meters, the Puy de La Perdrix 1824 meters, the Puy Gros 1793 meters, the Puy de Cacadogne 1885 meters, the Puy Redon 1781 meters, the Pan de La Grange 1768 meters , the Puy des Crebasses 1762 meters, the Square Tower 1738 meters, the Roc de Cuzeau 1737 meters, the Puy de Chabanne 1729 meters, the Intermediate Peak 1727 meters, the Puy du Paillaret 1721 meters, the Puy de Cliergue 1691 meters, Puy de Chamgourdeix 1570 meters, Montagne de la plate 1537 meters, Crête de Coq 1500 meters, Dent de la Rancune 1493 meters, Capucin 1468 meters

The Summits of the Massif Adventif

The Puy de l'Angle 1740 meters, the Puy de Barbier 1703 meters, the Puy de Monne 1696 meters, the Puy de la Tache 1632 meters

The Peaks of the Banne d’Ordanche Massif

Banne d’Ordanche 1512 meters, Puy Gros 1485 meters, Puy Loup 1481 meters

The Peaks of the Aiguiller Massif

Puy de l’Aiguiller 1529 meters,


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