The Massif du Sancy in Auvergne, fascinating landscapes, picturesque villages and local products.


The Massif du Sancy in Auvergne, fascinating landscapes, picturesque villages and local products.


The Massif du Sancy, unique mountainous landscapes like the Puy de Sancy

If you are a traveler looking to explore the fascinating landscapes and history of central France, look no further than the Massif du Sancy. Located in the Massif Central region, this incredible expanse is filled with stunning landscapes, rolling hills and lush greenery, not to mention several nature reserves that are home to some of the most impressive flora and fauna in France.


The Massif du Sancy: places steeped in history such as the Chateau de Murol, Mont Dore, Saint Nectaire

Of course, taking the time to appreciate this natural beauty on your trip is also an opportunity to soak up the local culture, with quaint villages filled with historic landmarks that physically serve as reminders of this region's rich history. which dates back centuries.


The Massif du Sancy, a gastronomic tradition such as Auvergne Aop Cheeses and Auvergne Charcuterie

Do you know Auvergne? An area not yet high on most travellers' list, with its quiet country roads, green hills and rolling landscapes - it's a gem to be discovered little by little! We'll explore what makes Auvergne cuisine so special - from the Massif du Sancy to the famous "Aop" cheeses, charcuterie and more. Access to incredible local produce, crafted from generation to generation, offers endless possibilities for tasty dishes, all ready to be enjoyed in many charming bistros and welcoming pubs

In Autumn, Lac Pavin and the beautiful colors of the trees

Lac Pavin, an enchantment of colors in Autumn

Autumn colors transcend Lac Pavin In Autumn, the colors of the trees bring a new perspective on Lac Pavin, the lake is transformed by the changing color of the foliage. A great atmosphere to discover and walk the trail around Lac Pavin To discover: Lac Pavin


The Tuilier and Sanadoire rocks in the colors of Autumn

Les Roches Tuiliere and Sanadoire

Roches tuiliere and Sanadoire: a unique volcano The Tuiliere and Sanadoire rocks formed a single volcano destroyed by erosion and time. it represents the separation between the Dores massifs and the Banne d'Ordanche massif. Separated by a trough-shaped valley, the rocks watch over the…