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Le Plomb du Cantal

Sunset at Plomb du CantalSheep in the mountain pastures at the top of the Plomb du CantalPlomb du Cantal, Lioran, Puy Mary and Puy de Peyre Arse
Sunset at Plomb du Cantal


The Plomb du Cantal, highest peak of the Monts du Cantal

The Plomb du Cantal, located in the Monts du Cantal, is the highest peak of this mountain range. Its privileged position allows it to offer a unique panorama of the surrounding peaks.


An exceptional panorama of Puy Griou, Puy Mary and the Crêtes des Monts du Cantal

From the summit of Plomb du Cantal, visitors can enjoy breathtaking views of the region's emblematic peaks, such as Puy Griou and Puy Mary. These majestic mountains stand proudly in the landscape and offer a breathtaking spectacle.


A distant view of the Massif du Sancy

Looking further afield, eyes fall on the Massif du Sancy, which features equally impressive peaks, such as the Puy de Sancy and the Puy de Montchal. These mountains are emblematic of the region and attract many nature lovers.


Extensive view of the Crêtes des Monts du Cantal trails

The panorama offered from the Plomb du Cantal is dominated by the raw and wild beauty of these mountains. Jagged ridges and verdant valleys create a stark contrast that makes the landscape even more mesmerizing.


Le Plomb du Cantal: outdoor activities, hikes and photography

In addition to its exceptional panorama, the Plomb du Cantal also offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy outdoor activities. Hikes on well-maintained trails explore the natural beauty of the area. Photography enthusiasts will also find plenty of opportunities to capture memorable shots.


Le Plomb du Cantal, an ideal location for hikers in the Monts du Cantal

In short, Plomb du Cantal is a natural treasure that deserves to be discovered. Its position as the highest point of the Monts du Cantal chain makes it an essential place for lovers of hiking and breathtaking landscapes. With its exceptional panorama on the crests of the Monts du Cantal, the surrounding peaks and even the Massif du Sancy, the Plomb du Cantal offers a unique experience that will remain engraved in the memories.

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