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1961, Birth of the Mont Dore Hill Climb

Mont Dore Hill Climb in Auvergne


Le Mont-Dore or the golden age of motorsport

To sum up the Mont Dore Hill Climb is to rewrite a real fairy tale. What was once just a simple mule track has become, over the years, an unmissable event in motorsport.


The genesis of the race

It all began in 1961 with the first edition of the Mont Dore Hill Climb. That year, José Rosinski made history by becoming the first winner. Since then, Mont Dore has established itself as a key stage in the European and French Hill Climb Championships.


A legendary course

The Mont Dore track is as feared as it is respected. With its 5,075 metres of climb and its 43 winding bends between Moneaux and the Col de la Croix Saint Robert, it has been the scene of many exploits. For 50 years, thousands of drivers have tackled this pass, driven by a single objective: the race against time.


Names that resonate

Over the decades, great names in motorsport have left their mark on the Mont Dore Hill Climb. In addition to José Rosinski, there are legends such as Jo Schlesser, Gérard Larousse, Pierre Maublanc, Maurice Trintignant, Jean Rolland, "Titi" Greder and Jean Vinatier. It was the era of the "generalists", when the boundaries between circuit, rally and hill climb were still blurred.


The legendary years

The 70s and 80s saw the emergence of talents such as Servoz, Ligier, Jabouille, Jaussaud and Beltoise. Drivers such as Pescarolo, Thérier, Saby, Bernard Béghin and the famous Alméras brothers also thrilled spectators.


The era of specialists

Over time, the Mont Dore Hill Climb Race saw the emergence of die-hard "mountain racers". Michel Pignard, with his March 762 or his prototypes, left an indelible mark. Christian Debias, for his part, paced the 5 km of the track for a long time, often accompanied by Max Mamers at the start.


The Mont Dore Hill Climb, a Motorsport Legend

The Mont Dore Hill Climb is not just a competition; it is a living legend of motorsport. A mule track that has become a legendary climb, where every bend tells a story, every finish line marks a victory over time.

Join us to celebrate this rich and exciting history and discover why Mont Dore continues to captivate motorsport enthusiasts around the world.

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1961, Birth of the Mont Dore Hill Climb 1961, Birth of the Mont Dore Hill Climb 1961, Birth of the Mont Dore Hill Climb

Localisation : 1961, Birth of the Mont Dore Hill Climb