Discover the Massif du Sancy on foot or on horseback


Sunrise over Lake Pavin and Puy de MontchalLake Pavin - Lake Pavin seen from the sky and the Puy de DomeLac Pavin: Sunrise over the resort of Super Besse and the Massif du SancyPuy de Montchal: Panorama of the Pavin lake and the Puy de dome in the distanceLac Pavin: Sunrise over the lake and the Puy de MontchalPuy de Montchal: Panorama of the ski resort of Super BessePuy du Chambourguet - View of Lake PavinLac Pavin, discover Super Besse at Sunrise, view of the resort of Super BesseSuper Besse, view of the frozen Lac PavinMassif du Sancy, Sunrise over Lake Pavin
Sunrise over Lake Pavin and Puy de Montchal

Hiking around Lac Pavin

A must-see lake in the Massif du Sancy, Lac Pavin receives many visitors each year

Close to Super Besse, Lac Pavin offers visitors a beautiful area for hiking

Hiking through the Puy de Montchal

Ascension to the Puy de Montchal

You have to follow the lake and take the Puy de Montchal direction. the ascent is through the forest. signs indicate the direction to follow. the climb without being difficult is nevertheless regular. At the top of the Puy de Montchal, the panorama is magnificent. you enjoy the view of the ski resort of Super Besse, the Massif du Sancy and towards Cezalier.

Descent to Lac Pavin

it's time to start the descent to Lac Pavin. you cross the Puy de Montchal crater, you turn left to reach the magnificent view of the lake and the surrounding peaks. After this break, you turn left 500 meters to reach your starting point.

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