Take advantage of Super Besse for your summer holidays in the Massif du Sancy


Weekend in Super Besse

Sunset at Puy de SancyThe Lac PavinChalet Lac Pavin
Sunset at Puy de Sancy


Super Besse. all-season destination

Super Besse is a charming winter sports resort located in the Massif du Sancy, France. But this destination is not just limited to winter; it also offers many exciting activities to discover throughout the year. Whether you are looking for thrills or relaxation, Super Besse has a lot to offer.


Super Besse, Tyrolean Fantastic and Super Coaster: live the sensations

For amateurs of intense sensations, Super Besse proposes palpitantes that tell the Tyrolean fantastic activities. This country allows you to browse the region's most valuable payments, offering a unique perspective and a guaranteed mountain range. The Super Coaster is another attraction that is not manicured. This large number of saisons allows you to remove all your security points, which can be in the luxury environment or in the neighborhood with the surrounding area.


Super Besse, a unique space for running

If you aim to be a walker and a profiteer of nature, it is very important to offer many possible randonnées. You can climb the beach in Chambourguet, a volcano that offers a magnificent view on Super Besse, the Massif of Sancy and the Monts du Cantal. For a brighter view, you can see what's near the city center, the point at the center of the Massif. Because, you want to admire the panorama of the souffle, with a view on the door of the Dome and the Monts Doré.


Le Lac Pavin et Besse et Saint Anastaise

If you have more activities available, it will be removed automatically from your skin. This massive volcano is surrounded by healthy vegetation and offers an ideal environment to protect and benefit from nature. You can also find promotions in the middle of Besse and Saint Anastaise, with many pavés, artisans, restaurants, and traditional architecture. This is the ideal endroit for flâner, decorate the history of the region and this laisser imprégner with his unique charm.


Gastronomy and Cheeses of Sancy

Enfin, no people in the local gastronomie. Super Besse is a source of amazing prices that offer high-quality ingredients for a delicious cuisine. Don't forget to go to the places near the Saint-Nectaire, the Cantal and the Auvergne Bleu. This special feature allows you to discover new savers and complete the use of your device in Super Besse.


Super Besse, a destination week end

If you are an amateur sports enthusiast, healthy or healthy, Super Besse is an ideal destination for a memorable week-end in all summers. Enter the intense sensations, the payments to cover the soufflé, the tranquil promenades and the discovery of the local gastronomy, you will be satisfied with everything that Super Besse is available. Alors don't attend more, planifiez your prochain week-end à Super Besse and prepare-vous à live these inoubliable moments.

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Weekend in Super Besse Weekend in Super Besse Weekend in Super Besse

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