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Lac Pavin - Lake seen from the skyLac Pavin - Lake seen from the skyLac Pavin, Sunrise at Lac PavinLac Pavin in summer - lake of volcanic originLac Pavin in winter-a young volcanoLac Pavin - The lake and its snowy surroundingsLac Pavin - hiking trails around Lac Pavin in summerLac Pavin -The shores of the lake in summer, fishing, pedal boatsLac Pavin - Lake of volcanic originLac Pavin - A young volcanoLac Pavin, panorama of the Massif du Sancy, super Besse, the Puy du Paillaret and the Puy de la PerdrixAbove Lac Pavin, view. on the Massif du Sancy and the winter sports resort of Super BesseLac Pavin - Lake seen from the skyMassif Central, Lac Pavin, nice view of the Massif du SancyLac Pavin, snowy sunrise over Lac Pavin and the Puy de MontchalMassif du Sancy, peaceful Lac Pavin at sunset
Lac Pavin - Lake seen from the sky

Lac Pavin - Lake of volcanic origin between Besse and Super Besse

Lac Pavin, a young volcano

Lac Pavin was formed at the same time as the Chaine des Puys, around 6,900 years ago. The explosion that formed it was very violent since we find traces of it as far as Lake Geneva. It is a maar

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Almost perfectly circular in shape with a diameter of 700-800m and an area of 44 hectares, it is 92m deep making it the deepest d'Auvergne (i.e. a volume of approximately 13 million m3 of water), visited by approximately 200,000 people per year.

What to do at Lac Pavin

92m deep, the lake has a very rich zooplankton population and is home to many fish (Trout and Arctic Char). The lake is a popular fishing spot for summer visitors. You can also travel by pedal boat on the lake. In the immediate vicinity, it is also possible to practice rock climbing.

A Meromictic Lake

92 meters deep, the waters mix up to 60 meters deep. Between 60 meters and 92 meters, the water remains trapped without exchange with the upper layer. As a result, this water contains Methane which could ultimately escape following landslides. The seismic activity of Lac Pavin is regularly monitored, its condition seems to be stable and therefore does not present any danger.

Access to Lac Pavin

Parking is available 100m from the lake, you can take the path around the lake for a walk of about an hour

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