Super Besse Winter Sports Resort, a sure bet in the Massif du Sancy


Super Besse

Massif Central, the winter sports resort of Super Besse at the heart of the winter seasonSuper Besse, Puy de Dôme ski resortSuper Besse and the Massif du SancySuper Besse, winter sports resort in Puy de DômeSuper Besse, the Chalet Village and the Puy du ChambourguetSuper Besse, Lac des Hermines and the chalet villageSuper Besse, the Puy du Chambourguet and the Chalet VillageSuper Besse, town center of Super BesseSuper Besse, after the snowfallSuper Besse, sunrise at Lac des HerminesSuper Besse, view of the city center of Super BesseSuper Besse, sunrise over Super BesseSuper Besse, town center of the Super Besse ski resortSuper Besse, the village of chalets in Super BesseSuper Besse, rising sun on the slopes of Super BesseSuper Besse, after a night of snowSuper Besse, the Village of Chalets after the snowfallSuper Besse, grazing light at the rising sun in Super BesseSuper Besse, the ski resort of Super BesseSuper Besse, town center after overnight snowfallSuper Besse, heavy snowfall at night, view from Lac des HerminesAuvergne, Super Besse winter sports resort under the morning sunChalet l'Anorak Super Besse, view of the resort at duskSuper Besse Winter Sports Resort at NightChalet L'Anorak Super BesseThe snow-covered Super Besse Station and the Sancy MassifLuxury chalet in Super Besse in AuvergneSuper Besse after snowfallChristmas at Super Besse in AuvergneAn unforgettable place in the mountains in Auvergne: the Anorak chalet in Super BesseNew Year's Eve in Super Besse in AuvergneHappy New Year from Super Besse in Auvergne
Massif Central, the winter sports resort of Super Besse at the heart of the winter season

Super Besse, ski resort in the Massif du Sancy (Puy de Dôme)

Created in 1961, the Super Besse ski resort is an essential winter sports destination for families with young children. It has a ski area for all levels. Since its creation, Super Besse has paid particular attention to learning to ski.

Super Besse and the Mont Dore Link

Since its creation, it has been possible to practice skiing in the Mont Dore resort area by taking the Ferrand Sud remonrée.


Super Besse, an ideal location in the center of France

Because of its geographical location, Super Besse is the closest station to many French regions. a connection is provided from Clermont Ferrand station. By car, the A71 and A89 motorways provide easy access to the resort.

Super Besse, numerous activities within the ski resort

The ski area offers a wide variety of slopes for all levels of skiing. The Fantasticable zip line by Super Besse is also an essential activity in the winter sports resort of Super Besse. The bottom of the station is reserved for learning activities for young and old. Finally, the Super Besse swimming pool allows you to enjoy moments of relaxation after a day of skiing.

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