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La Banne d'Ordanche, volcanic summit of the Massif des Dores

La Bourboule dominated by the Banne d'OrdancheDescent of the Banne d'Ordanche at sunsetLa Banne d'Ordanche, 360° view of the Auvergne countrysideLa Banne d'Ordanche, panorama of the Massif du SancyLa Banne d'Ordanche, beautiful view of the BourbouleBanne d'Ordanche Orientation TableLa Bourboule seen from the top of the Banne d'OrdancheLe Capucin at Mont Dore, beautiful view of the Banne d'OrdancheCapucin summit at Mont Dore, sunset over the Banne d'OrdancheAt the Capucin Summit in the Massif du Sancy, sunset with a view of the Banne d'OrdancheSunset over the Banne d'Ordanche and the Dordogne Valley in the Massif du SancyChastreix Sancy resort and the view of the Banne d'OrdanchePuy de la Tache, sunset over Puy Gros, La Banne d'Ordanche and the Dordogne ValleyBanne d'Ordanche, in the mountain pastures above the Bourboule
La Bourboule dominated by the Banne d'Ordanche

La Banne d’Ordanche, a 360 degree panorama over the Monts Dore Massif

La Banne d'Ordanche, with its imposing silhouette, is an essential place for nature lovers and hikers. Indeed, this volcanic summit, located in the Massif des Dores, offers an exceptional panorama of the surroundings.


La Banne d’Ordanche overlooks the charming town of La Bourboule

Overlooking the charming town of La Bourboule, the Banne d'Ordanche rises majestically at an altitude of 1,512 meters. By climbing its slopes, visitors can enjoy a breathtaking view of the Massif Adventif from Puy de la Tache to Puy de l'Angle. The Guéry plateau is also revealed, offering a unique perspective on this mountainous region.


La Banne d’Ordanche, its magnificent view of the Massif du Sancy

However, it is above all the panorama offered on the Massif du Sancy that makes the Banne d'Ordanche a privileged place. From the top, hikers can contemplate the entire chain of Puys, which is a breathtaking sight. The volcanic peaks stand proudly in the landscape, transcended by the different shades of green and the play of light.


La Banne d’Ordanche, a paradise for photographers

For photography enthusiasts, the Banne d'Ordanche is a true paradise. Depending on the season, the colors and atmospheres change, offering unique and striking shots. Sunbeams light up snow-capped peaks in winter, while wildflowers color the landscape in summer. This diversity makes each visit to the volcanic summit of the Massif des Dores unique and unforgettable.


La Banne d’Ordanche and the hiking trails

In addition to its natural beauty, the Banne d'Ordanche is also a great place for hiking. Several paths of different difficulties are accessible, allowing walking enthusiasts to discover the richness of the region. From family walks to more athletic hikes, everyone will find what they are looking for on the slopes of this volcanic summit.


The Banne d'Ordanche and the Massif des Dores

La Banne d'Ordanche, volcanic summit of the Massif des Dores, is a place not to be missed in the region. With its exceptional panorama over the Massif Adventif, the Guéry plateau, the Puys chain and the Sancy Massif, it offers breathtaking landscapes. Nature lovers, hikers and photographers will be delighted by the diversity and beauty of the place. A visit to the Banne d'Ordanche is a unique and enriching experience for all lovers of beautiful landscapes.

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