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Super Besse - The Fantasticable Zipline

During your stay at Chalet l'Anorak, chalet in Super Besse, fill up on sensations and come and live an unforgettable experience with the Fantasticable zipline of Super Besse.

Vidéos - Super Besse - The Fantasticable Zipline

The Zipline - A Super Besse attraction

Present since 2013 in the Super Besse resort, summer and winter alike, the Tyrolean meets with a margin of success with visitors to the Super Besse resort.
Accessible on foot or by chairlift, the Tyrolienne is a popular tourist attraction in Super Besse. Starting on the slopes of Puy de la Perdrix, the zip line flies over the ski slopes of Super Besse, then the town center of the resort with its hotels, shops and restaurants before crossing the Lac des Hermines, leaving the Village of Super Besse chalets over 1600m with a drop of 240m.

The Zipline: For Who?

In solo or in duo, this extraordinary descent will mark your visit to Super Besse in summer as in winter.
Solo descent: Solo access allowed for children over 35kg and 12 years old minimum. Maximum weight 120kg.
No children under 12 years old.