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Le Puy Gros (Sancy)

Sunset over Puy GrosPuy Gros in its Autumn colorsFontaine Salée Nature Reserve
Sunset over Puy Gros


Puy Gros is a little-known summit of the Massif du Sancy, with an altitude of 1793 m, located between Puy de Sancy, Fontaine Salée and Puy Ferrand. Despite its relative discretion, it offers a magnificent view of many surrounding sites.


A breathtaking view of the Fontaine Salée

Standing at the top of Puy Gros, you can admire a breathtaking view of the Fontaine Salée valley, with its green and soothing landscape. The gaze can also be drawn towards the majestic Puy de Sancy, the highest point of the Massif Central, which stands proudly on the horizon. The Tour Carrée and the Puy de Chabannes are also visible from this privileged position.


Summit close to the Super Besse ski resort

Turning your gaze to the other side, you discover a beautiful view of Super Besse, the famous ski resort of the Massif du Sancy, as well as the Puy de Paillaret, another peak which attracts hiking enthusiasts. Beyond the Fontaine Salée, the Cantal mountains rise, majestic and imposing.


At the top of Puy Gros, a spot to admire the sunset

In addition to its grandiose landscapes, Puy Gros also offers accommodation of peace and tranquility. Little frequented by tourists, this place is a true haven of peace, ideal for relaxing and enjoying the calm of the surrounding nature. It is also known as a popular spot for watching the sunset, with spectacular colors setting the sky ablaze.


Super Besse - Puy de Sancy: a break at Puy Gros

In addition, Puy Gros is located on the route between the Super Besse resort and Puy de Sancy, making it a place of interest for hiking enthusiasts. With a little luck, it is even possible to spot chamois on the slopes of Puy Gros, adding a touch of wildlife to this exceptional experience.


A rich and colorful Flora

Finally, the surrounding flora is also breathtaking, with a variety of plants and flowers that will charm nature lovers. Well-maintained trails allow you to walk and explore this preserved biodiversity.


In conclusion, Puy Gros is a hidden gem of the Massif du Sancy, offering breathtaking views of the Fontaine Salée valley, Puy de Sancy, Tour Carrée and Puy de Chabannes. It is a place of tranquility and serenity, ideal for recharging your batteries and enjoying preserved nature. Whether you are a fan of hiking, grandiose landscapes or simply looking for tranquility, Puy Gros is certainly a place to visit.

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Le Puy Gros (Sancy) Le Puy Gros (Sancy) Le Puy Gros (Sancy)

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