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Super Besse, 50 years of history


Super Besse is an emblematic ski resort located in the Masif du Sancy, known for offering exceptional skiing experiences and unforgettable moments to winter sports enthusiasts since its opening in 1961. On the occasion of its 50th anniversary history, it is important to pay tribute to the visionaries and pioneers who worked with passion to create this magical place intended for everyone to enjoy.

Vidéos - Super Besse, 50 years of history


1961, creation of the Super Besse Station

The history of Super Besse dates back to 1961, when the project to build the ski resort saw the light of day in the minds of a few mountain enthusiasts. These men had the ambition to transform an exceptional natural site into an attractive winter vacation spot, offering skiers of all levels the opportunity to indulge their passion in a privileged setting.



Quality service in Super Besse

Over the years, the Super Besse resort has developed harmoniously, offering modern infrastructure and quality services that meet visitors' expectations. The ski lifts, maintained slopes, ski schools, comfortable accommodation and varied activities have contributed to making Super Besse a leading destination for winter holidays.


Men and women to develop Super Besse

The men and women involved in the creation and management of the resort have demonstrated unfailing commitment, wishing to offer everyone the opportunity to discover the joys of skiing in the heart of nature. Their hard work, dedication and passion have allowed Super Besse to become an essential place for ski and mountain lovers, marking the history of the resort for 50 years.


Super Besse

By celebrating this symbolic anniversary, let us pay tribute to these visionary men and women who knew how to infuse Super Besse with its soul and fame. Their contribution to the creation and development of the resort will remain engraved in memories, reminding us that dreams and will can transform a simple idea into a magical reality for the happiness of all.


Super Besse, with its 50 years of history, is much more than just a ski resort; it is a place full of emotions, memories and sharing, where everyone can experience unique and authentic moments in communion with nature. By traveling the snowy slopes of Super Besse, we pay tribute to those who gave birth to this jewel of the mountains and continue to make it shine year after year.