Discover the Massif du Sancy on foot or on horseback


Super Besse - Hiker in the Sancy

Chalet l'anorak : Super Besse - Hiker in the Sancy

Hiking at Puy de Dôme - Puy Pariou

Hiking at Puy Pariou in Auvergne

  Discover Puy Pariou on a hike Puy Pariou is an emblematic volcano of the Puys chain and the Parc des Volcans d'Auvergne,…


The Val de Courre, Vallee Glaciere in the Dores massif

The Val de Courre

Val de Courre, glacial valley of the Sancy massif Located in the town of Mont Dore, the Val de Courre valley is a glacier valley in the Dores…